Date: 15/07/2020
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do all ceiling tiles have the same edge detail?

A.NO, there are 3 different edge details. They are classified as:-

  • Square Edge
  • Tegular Edge – (Rebated Edge for a 24mm wide grid system)
  • Microlook – (Rebated Edge for a 15mm wide grid system)

Please make sure you know the edge detail when ordering or ring our technical / sales staff to discuss your requirements further.

I need to match to an existing tile and don’t know which tile to purchase?

A.. Don’t worry; simply have a look on the back of the existing tile to see if there is a code. If there is a code then simply let our sales staff know what it is and they will give you a price for that tile. However if there is no code then we can provide advice on a best match scenario. By describing the face pattern, emailing a picture or bringing a sample into our trade counter we can suggest a tile that will match as close a possible to the existing tiles.

I want a ceiling tile suitable for a certain room?

A.We have tiles that fit into every situation e.g.

  • Wipe-able tiles for kitchens or takeaways
  • 100% moisture resistant tiles for bathrooms
  • High sound absorbers for offices
  • Black tiles for nightclubs or cinemas
  • Clear/patterned tiles for beneath lights
I can’t find what Im looking for?

A.Please ring our sales staff and they will quickly let you know if we sell what you are looking for and also if it is in stock.

I want to receive further discounts and promotions what do I do next?.

A.You can apply/register on line or give us a ring on01204 792332and we will do it for you.

  • Simply register your details and we will do the rest.
  • CASH Accounts – Pay for goods when you order but still receive our great discounts and promotions
  • Credit Accounts – Apply for one of our 30day credit accounts and pay for the goods at the end of the month.
I want to collect my item from the trade counter can I reserve it for collection?

A.YES, ring our sales staff on 01204 792332 and we will hold onto your item for 24Hrs.

I don’t know how many or what I need to complete my job?

A.OK, send us a plan or let us know the sizes and we will work out the quantities of materials that you will require to complete your job.

If we buy in bulk do we get better discounts?

A.Yes, you can get better discounts by buying larger quantities. Also savings will be made on delivery costs.